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‘Dying Well’
Compassionate Community Network

Solidarity: we know we can do so much more working together!


Join with us to release the power of strong local communities to improve ageing and dying for us all. We welcome all offers of help whether as Conscious Ageing charity trustee (if you have skills and experience) or local Compassionate Community Hub activist, to compassionate neighbours volunteering to visit a local friend or somebody in need. We love people to join us with experience… AND we equally love people with no special skills, but simply with plenty of commonsense, good hearts, and a passion for helping more of us die in the place we want. Tasks include:

  1. Local community Hub initiation and coordination
  2. Local fundraising (through the Conscious Ageing charity)
  3. Organizing local caring network workshops and public engagement events
  4. Website and online platform management
  5. Diealog blog, feature writing, and copy-editing
  6. Promoting ‘Dying Well’ Compassionate Communities locally and nationally (etc…).

 Specialist Recruitment for Conscious Ageing charity

Although we are currently a small charity, we want to grow and are always interested in gaining more support of those who possess specialist skills, including at Trustee level. If you share our passion for supporting community-centred ‘dying well’ and have the following skills we would be particularly interested in hearing from you:

  1. Administration
  2. Accountancy and financial management
  3. Law and governance
  4. Funding bid applications

If you are interested in taking part to grow your local ‘Dying Well’ Hub or offering your specialist skills
contact us