Who funds Conscious Ageing Trust?

Conscious Ageing is an independent charity. We receive no financial support from the public or local sector and are completely self-funded, relying 100% on your donations. Every penny we raise goes into our social enterprise activities, working with local people to bring about the kind of change they want, and achieve more compassionate care for all our ageing and dying

How do your donations help?

Through your gifts we can reach out to and support more local communities: co-creating and growing Diealog Compassionate Community Hubs and growing our caring networks so more us can have our wish to die at home or place we want. Donations can be made easily online, and please also consider regular giving so we can sustain and ripple out Hubs to reach socially isolated, lonely and marginalised people and groups.

Each Compassionate Community Hub is unique. Local people choose what they want to do and then together we fundraise for and make funding bids. This can include:
Diealog Buddy Groups for growing and sustaining our local caring network circles


1:1 conversations, advocacy, or specialist assistance for carers or family members  

one to one

Transforming our dying through the local community-centred approach - training, workshops, events: sponsor a ‘Mourning Cafe’ or Diealog Listening Tree forum, or support a ‘Grow My Caring Network’ campaign.


Please give what you can and help make a difference: Donate Today!