Diealog Network & Partners


 Print             2men-laughing  hand-shake  man-ipad 3-men-smethnic-group-2 “It is about living well (as well as possible) right to the very end, in the place and way I want, and with the people I would like to be with me at my death.”

Diealog Network

We diealog (it is light-hearted and serious like the word) to ready ourselves practically, emotionally and spiritually for our ageing and dying. We also diealog to grow our caring networks (friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues etc…) so when the time comes for ‘active dying’ we are well supported. Take Part : death and dying – one way or another it’s all our business! 

Diealog Partners

An informal partnership of organisations and practitioners involved in the death and dying arena who share our values of openness and democracy, and whom local Compassionate Community Hubs can contact to help grow our caring network capacity and provide ‘special interest’ resources:


                                 comp          ada

st Josephs Hospice

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Diealog Resources

Go here for a wealth of ‘Dying Well’ information, organisations and resources: Practical Concerns; Self-help and Relaxation; Loss and Bereavment; Hope and Spirituality… and more –  from advice on palliative care to ideas on making the most of the final days of life.