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‘Dying Well’
Compassionate Community Hubs

Supporting us in our local communities to grow strong caring networks (family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues etc…): listening to what we want and then coordinating and co-creating it together. There is always a mix. Hubs help local people grow caring networks to enhance the capacity of carers and families to care for ourselves and each other, as well as caring better for those with not long to live or actively dying. We also help initiate Diealog Buddy Groups, supporting and sustaining community-centred ‘dying well’ initiatives, and we help with ‘rippling out’ activities and events to reach the whole community.

The evidence shows that through growing strong caring networks and community capacity we improve:
– person-centred health status and wellbeing
– ‘Death Literacy’ know-how and skills
– mutually beneficial interactions with health and formal care services.

Support more of us to die at home

“It is about living well (as well as possible) right to the very end, in the way and place I want, and with the people I would like to be with me.”

Dying at home is consistently our top end of life wish. By ‘Home’ we often mean both the physical place we live in and the place or environment where we feel most loved, secure and at peace. ‘Home’ is being loved and being in the presence of those we feel the deepest connection with, and by growing strong caring network circles in our communities we can also make this be the actual home we live in – and die in.

Network and Partners:  Openness and democracy are key values in the Diealog approach. They are also key factors in achieving successful outcomes, and we do not shy from challenging the medicalised ‘Managed Death’ approach. The Diealog Compassionate Community network is part of a wider ‘grassroots up’ social movement for wellbeing at end of life, and we welcome collaboration and partnerships with organisations and practitioners who share our values.

Take Part: if you are inspired and like our positive approach, join with us to release the power of strong local communities to improve ageing and dying for us all. We welcome all offers of help, from charity trustee (if you have skills and experience) or local Hub activist, to compassionate neighbours volunteering to visit a local friend or somebody in need.

Contact us: for help as a carer or member of a family caring for somebody dying, or dealing with loss; to grow your caring network and be better supported when the time comes for ‘active dying’; to begin co-creating a Compassionate Community Hub with others in your local community; to participate in the Diealog network and become actively involved in growing the power of strong caring networks so more of us die at home; to share your story, or simply to talk over any aspect of the charity’s work for better ageing and dying.

Donate: Please consider regular giving and perhaps you’d even like to sponsor an event in your local area or support a ‘Grow My Caring Network’ campaign? We appreciate every penny we receive, as well as welcoming your involvement, passion for better dying for us all, and creative ideas!



Stories of compassion and wisdom of the many people who have ‘been there before’, and detailed information how to grow our caring networks and local support groups…

as well as a wealth of ‘dying well’ resources, from advice on palliative care to ideas on making the most of the final days of life.




“Get Men Talking”: life, death, love, retirement, money, health, and everything in between, as we listen, laugh and grow together…

plus stories, resources and information for maturing men from all walks of life, aiming to bring about positive change in men’s lives, caring networks and our communities 


“Grow My Caring Network”

Natural, healthy and health promoting, the basics are a kitchen table (or similar where we can meet), plus teapot, mugs, and cake or biscuits…

Everything else you need to know is HERE

Contact us: for help growing your caring network

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Your donations will help us support more local people to begin growing Diealog Compassionate Community Hubs so more us can have our wish and die at home. Donations can be made easily online, and please also consider regular giving so we can sustain and ripple out Hubs to reach socially isolated and marginalised people.